At Signature Bail Bonds Of Tulsa, not only do we work directly with you to make your entire bailing process as easy and efficient as possible, but we also go through the process with you. More often than not, it seems people don’t fully understand the bail bonds process, how it really works, etc. Or, they get confused by it - while that’s understandable, considering bail bonds aren’t usually something that comes up in everyday conversation, it’s important to be as ‘in the know’ as possible about the subject in case you, or someone you know, ever needs to utilize our services, or any bail bonds service - not just in Tulsa, but across the country.
Let’s take a look at seven useful tips for bail bonds customers that you can remember, and put to good use in the event you should ever need to.
1. Deal With A Licensed Agent
You should always know who you’re working with, and that includes knowing how seriously they take their business. Just as you might ask a police officer to see his badge and credentials, don’t be afraid to ask to see the bail agent’s license and/or identification before you go through with a transaction. A professional business will be happy to provide you with the certification you need to feel more at ease. - Bail Bonds
2. Make Sure They Stick Around
When you’re using a bail bonding company like Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa, part of what you’re paying for is just that - a service. So, make sure the agent you sign a contract with is there to work with you through the whole process, even after the bail has been posted. Many people have questions, confusion, or concerns, and it’s a bail bond agent’s job to be able to answer those questions and make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.
3. Learn About Agencies
If you end up in jail, and are allowed a phone call, it’s important to make the most out of that single call. If you’re able to call a friend or family member, make sure they will be able to locate a local bail bond agency - or, you can tell them which one(s) you’ve done research on. We may use this blog and our site to advertise our own business, of course, but the bottom line is that you should always go with an agency you’re comfortable with, and have enough information about.
4. Know The Process
It’s completely normal to ask questions, and have some concerns, especially if you’re new to the bail bonds process. But, keep in mind that there is an application process you’ll have to go through if you’re the one bailing someone out of jail. This can include everything from a credit check, to personal information, etc. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself honestly - it’s completely normal, and will make the whole process that much smoother.
5. Collateral
Collateral is used depending on the resources that are available to you. Collateral helps to secure a bond in place. Typically, a credit card will be enough collateral to get things moving, but you can also use things like a car, jewelry, or even real estate, as long as it’s something with a high-price value.
6. Get Moving Quickly!
If you’re trying to help someone get out of jail, the best thing you can do is to call a bail bonds agency as soon as possible. While in Tulsa, we strive to work quickly and efficiently, the process itself simply doesn’t happen in a flash. You may experience a brief wait, but many bail bond locations are open to receive calls 24/7, so make sure to get the process in motion as quickly as you can. Agencies are open so much so people can come home that much faster, so take advantage of it.

7. Know Your Financing
Some bond agencies (including our own) offer financing as an option, which can be very helpful for a lot of people who may not have the money up front. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about financing, what the terms are, and how it can benefit you. Everyone’s terms may be slightly different. We currently offer 0% interest with low down payments, and affordable monthly payments, and make those ‘rules’ known throughout our website. Any other bond agency should do the same, or at the very least, be able to answer your questions regarding financing.
**Bonus Tip** - Know The Premium!
When you get a phone call in jail, you may not be thinking about your bondsman right away, but if you can, ask him how much the premium is going to be, so you can pass the information onto the person who will be dealing with your bail. This will kick start the process for them, making it easier to get started.
Again, bail bonds can be confusing to people who don’t take the time to learn about them, and we understand that. It’s important for bond agencies to be as transparent as possible in order to clear up these confusions, and make people more knowledgeable and comfortable when it comes to working with a bail bond service. Most bail bond agencies are more than happy to serve just about anyone, as often as they can, in order to get them out of jail quickly, and moving on with their lives.
Know as much information as you can about your local bonding agency, for your own peace of mind, so if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation, you’ll already have the tools and resources you need to get the process of bail moving quickly, getting you home that much faster! For more information on Tulsa Bail Bonds contact us at (918) 744-6688



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